Warrior's Forest


StormClan cats are advanced fighters; never fight a StormClan cat alone! But they always have a bright side; Stormstar had none of the evil traits of his former Clan, ShadowClan, and therefore brought none to StormClan. It is easy to make friends with a StormClan cat but watch out if your Clan gets into a fight with them! They are fiercely loyal to their Clan and will even fight their best friends.

  StormClan cats live in a forest of pines, and are best at hunting at night. They are known for their special attack, The Night Ambush.





Apprentices' Den



Warriors Den



Elders' Den



Medicine Cat's Den


Leader's Den



Darkstar- large brown tom with white legs and patches on his face and pine green eyes; recently has been very quiet since his mate and kit caught greencough and since Pineshadow joined the Clan (roleplayed by Hazelwing)




Shadowstripe- muscular brown tom with silver stripes; when in battle, he confuses his enemies by swinging himself around and his silver stripes flash so it looks like four different cats



Sealwhisker- elegant light gray tabby she-cat with sweet, pale green eyes; mother of a rogue's kits: Bluekit and Mistykit (roleplayed by Hazelwing and Sweetstar)



Treefoot- white tom with brown paws, light yellow eyes



Leafsky- cream tom with brown tabby stripes and sky blue eyes


Shadowstream- silver she-cat with dark patches


Farlight- black she-cat with a white muzzle 


Stormblaze- handsome thick brown tom with amber eyes 


Fireclaw-  large ginger tom with amber eyes



Sharpthorn- brown tabby tom with a white tail and sharp green eyes

Flamefoot- young, handsome ginger tabby tom with bright golden eyes


Seacloud- beautiful pale gray she-cat (roleplayed by Flameheart)


Pineshadow- (unknown description)



Swirlpaw- silver tabby she-cat with very bright amber eyes (roleplayed by Sweetstar)

Softpaw- soft-furred light gray she-cat with light blue eyes


Birchpaw- brown she-cat with black paws and bright pine green eyes


Hawkpaw- handsome ticked tabby golden-brown tabby tom with gray-green eyes--defensive, hothead









Fishpaw- brown she-kit with a white tail, black paws and light blue eyes


Springpaw- energetic cream tom with brown paws, a white muzzle and light green eyes



Blackmist- slender black she-cat with bright green eyes; currently sick with greencough, to many cats' surprise (roleplayed by Hazelwing)

Sunfrost- light yellow she-cat with a white muzzle, ears and paws, icy blue eyes, mother of Spikefur's kits: Fishkit, Springkit and Aspenkit


Skyheart- orange tabby she-cat with light blue eyes, mother of Treefoot's kits: Slatekit and Flowerkit


Brighteyes- young, pretty brown tabby she-cat with brilliant amber eyes, mother of Leafsky's kits: Amberkit, Silverkit, and Echokit (roleplayed by Hazelwing)





Flowerkit- orange tabby she-kit with a white muzzle and light yellow eyes


Slatekit- white she-kit with an orange muzzle and brown paws and light blue eyes


Aspenkit- black she cat with gray flecks and a white tail tip with dark blue eyes - loving, careless, energetic and naive

Amberkit- cream tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes


Silverkit- small silver tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes

Echokit- longhaired gray she-cat with sky-blue eyes; currently sick with greencough, to many cats' surprise


Bluekit- blue-gray she-kit with gray eyes


Mistykit- white she-kit with a light tabby nose, ears, paws and tail-tip


Berryfur- white she-cat with ginger stripes and light green eyes


Stickpelt- brown tom with fur that sticks up a little and yellow eyes