Warrior's Forest


StarClan are past warriors who were not evil, as the Dark Forest. They can give prophecies to cats of their birth Clan, and StarClan cats seem much wiser after death, unlike the terrible cats of the Dark Forest.

Some of these cat-spirits have been killed recently, some are many moons older than the Clans can remember; those few are the cats of the older Clans: ThunderClan (ancestors of LightningClan), WindClan (ancestors of CrystalClan), RiverClan (ancestors of SapphireClan) and ShadowClan (ancestors of StormClan), who ruled the forest during the time before the new Clans were created.  Let me take you back to that dreadful day, when all four ancient Clans were in desprate peril...


It seemed the stars would never aline that night. Lightningkit peeked through the hole in the little clump of bushes. She'll NEVER find me now! She could hear her leader telling the cats to go on their patrols, and she felt a surge of longing. When would she be a warrior? What would her name be? Lightningclaw? Lightningtail? Or Lightningfang! Oh, yes, she liked that one.

"Hey! I see you!" Moonwhisker padded up and crouched in front of the bushes, so close Lightningkit couldn't see her, and then suddenly, after waiting a while, pounced. Having been lulled into a false sense of security, Lightningkit sprang up and ran a lap around the camp, squealing in surprise and delight.

Her yellow streaked white pelt shone in the Greenleaf sunshine. The tiny kit's eyes sparkled. A beautiful sight, if Snowstar, leader of ThunderClan, had not at that moment called, "Hey, what's going on?"

The way she said it made it bad. Her tone of voice was like ice, and Lightningkit shivered despite the heat of sunhigh. What was it? There was a crowd of cats at the tunnel that led outside. There was a ominous rustling, and everyone jumped. Snowstar sent out a patrol of four cats to investigate the sound.

The four cats never returned. Snowstar was getting worried, and some cats went out to find them, and after a while, Snowstar herself took two other cats to see what was going on.

Snowstar crept forward warily. She pushed through the brush to an open clearing in front of her. The sight before her was horrific. A gigantic snake, thirty tail lengths high and one tail length wide, was rearing up, hissing. A pile of dead cats lay next to it, and the snake was eating them like popcorn.

Snowstar and her warriors panicked. No! I can't leave my Clan to die! I have nine lives, they have one. I must fight! But how do you fight something like that? Suddenly the green, black and yellow mass spotted them. It slithered menacingly forward, at high speed. The patrol ran back to camp at top speed. The snake only followed at a leisurley pace, its tounge flickering in and out of its gigantic mouth.

The warriors fought in vain, the queens huddled over their kits, trying and failing to protect their precious ones. The elders hobbled desprately around the camp, trying to get out. In the total chaos,  a single life form clung to the the ivy that trailed down the side of the ThunderClan camp, the only thing the snake didn't notice. And only when the snake had completely demolished the camp, had killed every cat there, did he move on to the other camps. Or so he thought.

In every camp he killed all the cats, except one kit. In ThunderClan, Lightningkit had clung ever so bravely to that ivy, and climbed up it, while trying desprately to do something to help her clanmates as they fell, her mother and father and friends included.

In WindClan, Crystalkit had covered her eyes with her paws and pretended it was all a bad dream from inside the roots of one of the sparse trees in the territory, unnoticed by the Clan or the snake.

In RiverClan, Sapphirekit dove into the river and let herself be pulled downstream, thinking she would sink to the bottom and drown. She honestly wanted to get it over with. But to her surprise she didn't. Her paws moved instinctively and carried her ashore far from her camp, while she wailed in grief and horror.

And in ShadowClan, the "evil" Clan, a young kit was also saved. Stormkit, untouched by the nature of his Clanmates, willing and kind, climbed a pine, using its huge branches like a ladder. And they became the four Clan leaders: Lightningstar of LightningClan, Stormstar of StormClan, Crystalstar of CrystalClan, and Sapphirestar of SapphireClan. The four of them worked together to build new Clans out of rouges, kittypets, loners, and the warrior code. StarClan guided their paws, and though there was much sadness throughout the making of them, tthere are now four peaceful Clans in the forest again. Their kits continue to roam the forest unidentified, but forever loyal to their Clans, knowing that, in a crisis like this, they would protect and depend on each other.

older clans



Snowstar-  white she-cat with icey blue eyes, leader of ThunderClan before they died out


Adderstar- muscular black-and-white tom, leader of ShadowClan before they died out


Swallowstar- light brown tabby tom with white paws, leader of WindClan before they died out



Moonstar- elegant, beautiful gray-blue she-cat with bright blue eyes, leader of RiverClan before they died out



Bluestorm- handsome blue-gray tom with pale green eyes, killed on one of the patrols sent out before the snake attacked the camp


Meadowflight- light brown she-cat with a white tail and grass green eyes, killed last in her Clan, deputy of WindClan before they died out


Brackenclaw- golden-brown tom with amber eyes, faught ferociously but was killed, deputy of ShadowClan before they died out.



Maplestripe- orange she-cat with brown stripes and gentle green eyes, killed before she even knew what was going on, deputy of RiverClan before they died out



Skywing- white she-cat with light gray paws, sky blue eyes, one of the first cats killed by the snake, medicine cat of ThunderClan before they died out 



Cloudwisp-  white tom with light gray whisps and light yellow eyes, ran but was caught and killed, medicine cat of WindClan before they died out



 Leafshine-  golden she-cat with light brown splotches and gentle light green eyes, tried to help wounded Clanmates but was killed, medicine cat of ShadowClan befoer they died out 

 Amberlight-  golden-brown she-cat with gentle amber and blue flecked eyes, took one look at the snake and fell over dead from shock, medicine cat of RiverClan before they died out




Darkhawk- black tom with bright green eyes, fought hard to keep his Clanmates alive but didn't succeed, warrior of ShadowClan before they died out


Mintleaf- pale gray tabby she-cat, drowned by the snake in the river, a warrior of RiverClan before they died out

Flamefur- muscular ginger tom; died as he'd lived, tirelessly defending his Clan; warrior of ThunderClan before they died out




Graystorm- gray tom with blue eyes, tried to run away from the snake but was shortly killed by it, given the warrior name he had dreamed of after his death once he became an apprentice in StarClan


Patchpaw- gray and white tom with blue gray eyes, just turned 6 moons old earlier that day and didn't have her apprentice ceremony until she was in StarClan


Berrypawtortoiseshell she-cat with light blue eyes, 6 moons and just apprenticed a quarter moon before she was poisoned


Leafpaw- white tom with brown spots and a golden tail, amber eyes, 6 and a half moons old when he was killed



Woodpaw- brown she-cat with gentle yellow eyes, 8 moons when she was killed



Sunpaw- flaming orangy yellow she-cat with brilliant green eyes, just seven moons when she was killed



Sparklepaw- silver she-cat with black sparkles and silver eyes, just 7 moons when she was killed



Whitesnow- flat-faced white she-cat with shining blue eyes, killed defending her kit Treekit from the snake, queen of WindClan before they died out



Birdkit- tiny chocolate-brown she-kit, died of heatstroke just before the Clans were attacked by the Great Snake 

Treekit- brown she-kit with white paws and black ears, leaf green eyes, killed painlessly quick


Silverkit- silver she-kit with brilliant blue eyes, tried to run but was caught by the snake



newer clans

Lightningstar- pale brown tabby she-cat with bright forest-green eyes, first leader of LightningClan 


Stormstar- friendly gray tabby tom with blue eyes, first leader of StormClan


Crystalstar- cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes, first leader of CrystalClan



Sapphirestar- beautiful gray tabby she-cat with icy, blazing blue eyes


Starclan ChAT