Warrior's Forest


 SapphireClan is the Clan of rivers, lakes and water. They are loyal and kind, but are proud, too. They are mostly well-fed with shining pelts, and even their eyes have a bit of a shine in them. When Leaf-bare comes along though, their fish are gone and with them goes their full coats and well-fed stomachs.

These are lovely and loyal cats, but they're great fighters too! They slip through the water like otters and up onto the shore, silent as shadows, the water streaming from their silky coats, and before you know it your Clan is overrun with SapphireClan. 

 SapphireClan lives on an island and hunt fish. They are also capable of hunting forest prey, but are not particularly good at it, and therefore leaf-bare grips them long and hard.





Apprentices' Den




Warriors' Den




Medicine Cat's Den




Elders' Den




Leader's Den




Wetstar- elegant gray she-cat



Shimmerflower- silver she-cat with yellow-green eyes; sweet, friendly


Birchwhisker- handsome light brown tabby tom

Silverspots- silver spotted tom


Bluestripe- blue-gray tom with bright blue eyes



Shimmerpool- beautiful, slender black and silver-white tabby she-cat with shining amber eyes


Mistyfur- gray tabby she-cat with green eyes and white paws



Tangletalon- pretty, young light brown tabby she-cat with pale green eyes




Applepaw- young, pretty ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes


Graypaw- energetic gray tom with heather- blue eyes and white paws 


Streampaw- lovely silver tabby she-cat with wide, bright blue eyes


Rainpaw- pale gray tabby tom with pale green eyes a white tail-tip 


Moonpaw- shorthaired blue-gray she-cat


Waterpaw- gray tabby she-cat with calm blue eyes 



Willowpaw- beautiful blue-gray she-cat with pale green eyes--quiet and loving









Bloompaw- small, energetic white she-cat with a brown tabby back



Tansytail- energetic cream tabby she-cat with pale hazel eyes,  mother of Birchwhisker's kit: Reedkit

Fernflower- dark brown tabby she-cat with a white tail-tip and green eyes, mother of Bluestripe's kit: Amberkit



Amberkit- golden she-cat with shining green eyes 


Reedkit- light brown tabby tom



Brightclaw- black-and-white she-cat with friendly green-yellow eyes


Hey, this is strange! A bunch of fish are swimming at you. They look like easy prey. (Maybe it was something you ate last night that's attracting them...) But they're kind of nice to look at. And the kits might find them entertaining, so you don't attempt to turn them into fresh-kill yet.