Warrior's Forest


This is the Mates page, where all Clan cats can find a mate.

As you would obviously think, cats are only allowed one mate at a time.  Here are the cats who are currently mates:

LightningClan Mates

Hazelwing of LightningClan x Redstorm of LightningClan

Goldwing of LightningClan x Bubblewhisker of LightningClan

Sweetstar of LightningClan x Jaggedstripe of LightningClan

Frostleaf of  LightningClan x Wetclaw of LightningClan  

Flameheart of LightningClan x Tigerstripe of LightningClan 


StormClan Mates

Mintsnow of StormClan x  Longwhisker of StormClan

 Brighteyes of StormClan x Gingertail of StormClan

Spottedfern of StormClan x  Blacktail of StormClan 

Blackmist of StormClan x Darkstar of StormClan

SapphireClan Mates 

 Tansytail of SapphireClan x Birchwhisker of SapphireClan

Mistyfur of SapphireClan x Silverspots of  SapphireClan 

Fernflower of SapphireClan x Bluestripe of SapphireClan


CrystalClan Mates 

Dapplewhisker of CrystalClan x  Talltree of CrystalClan

Whitepelt of CrystalClan x  Amberstripe of CrystalClan

Shimmermist of CrystalClan  Skydapple of CrystalClan

 Icewind of CrystalClan x Embereyes of CrystalClan


Forbidden Mates

There are some cats in the Clans who are forbidden to be mates, and yet have broken the Warrior Code and become mates anyway. They, of course, would like privacy from the penetrating eyes of the cats who think they should be punished [these are usually the cats you find lurking around bossy leaders bringing them tea and cookies], but some are willing to give up their secrets for their Clanmates' trust.


Medicine Cat Mates

 In the new Clans, they have taken one law off of the warrior code: medicine cats are now allowed to have mates. But this new law is fragile. If a medicine cat gets distracted from his/her work because they have a mate, however, they could be disqualified from the position of a medicine cat until their kits have moved out of the nursery. Medicine cats are allowed to have kits of their own if they are able to operate on themselves or have an apprentice who knows how.


Right here, below this writing, is where you and your mate confirm that you're lovebirds, if you both have crushes on each other and are both warriors:

Kit announcements

This is where you announce it if you're having kits. Please list:
  • Today's date
  • The date you will have your kits
  • Your mate (say "pass" if this is secret)
  • The number of the litter this is for you (example: "this is my 3rd litter...")


Have a crush on another cat and want to tell the world? Say it here! Tell me who you are and tell me the name of the cat you have a crush on in this chatbox, and I'll put you down as having a crush on that certain special cat. NOTE: If you both like each other and are old enough to have a mate, you can call yourself mates, but you have to tell me in the "Mates" box before you're officially mates.


Here are cats who were marked down as having crushes on each other. 


Spotpaw of LightningClan has a crush on Shiningpaw of LightningClan

Foxpaw of LightningClan has a crush on Tanglepaw of LightningClan

Snowpaw of LightningClan has a crush on Tanglepaw of LightningClan

Bramblekit of LightningClan has a crush on Softkit of LightningClan

Bushpaw of LightningClan has a crush on Lilypaw of LightningClan

Lilypaw of LightningClan has a crush on Bushpaw of LightningClan

Nightpaw of LightningClan has a crush on Gorsepaw of CrystalClan

Hawkpaw of StormClan has a crush on Willowpaw of SapphireClan

Willowpaw of SapphireClan has a crush on Hawkpaw of StormClan



Calling all queens! So many kits are abandoned in this forest that it makes me sick. More than half of them starve or die of other causes before being rescued. All together, we can change this. Please list your name below if you are a she-cat willing to take in a lost, abandoned or neglected kit.


Poppycloud and Blackblaze have been assigned Rainy, who will now be known as Rainkit of LightningClan.

Mistyfur and Silverspots have been assigned Bloom, who will now be known as Bloomkit of SapphireClan


Fernflower and Bluestripe have been assigned Cookie, who will now be known as Dotkit from Sapphireclan

Flameheart & Tigerstripe will adopt Bramplekit, Ice and Little. They will be named Bramblekit, Icekit and Littlekit


Please list your name here if you ARE a lost, abandoned or neglected kit (sign up first). Be sure to include your...


  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age (in moons)
  • Link to a photo
  • Two words to describe yourself
  • Some of your history--how you were abandoned



Up For Adoption

 Admins, I realize we have had previous problems with this table. DO NOT TOUCH THE TABLE. It had been destroyed in the past because the last few columns cannot be viewed. I stayed up until 10:00 at night fixing it.

  Name   T/S                                     Photograph                                         Age          History         Personality




3 moons

 Found in the remains of a fire with his sister, Birdie; rescued by Twolegs; must be adopted with his sister, Birdie

Wild, adventurous



 [no picture]

1 monn

Mother protected him but the mlost him. He found her but she turned her back on him

Sweet, Nice




3 moons 

Left to die in a tree; found after two weeks by StormClan; must be adopted with her brother Fox and her sister Rose

Caring, stubborn




1 moon

 Left to die in a tree; found after two weeks by StormClan; must be adopted along with his sisters Ginger and Rose

Clever, energetic




1 moon

Left to die in a tree; found after two weeks by StormClan; must be adopted with her sister Ginger and her brother Fox

Shy, sweet



 [no picture]

9 dawns old 

Her mother died

big hearted, kind




2 moons

 Was brought out to a camping trip and abandoned when packing to go home.

Shy and warm-hearted

RainyShe-cat 2 moonsLeft at the entrance to camp by someone unknown; found later by some catsSweet, loving



4 moons

Neglected by Twolegs because they thought at first that he was a she-cat

Curious, nice, short-tempered