Warrior's Forest


CrystalClan cats are very kind and helpful. They live on the grassy moors, and hunt the rabbits that run there. They are generally small, fast and lithe, with brownish colorings like their surroundings.  

They also have cats called tunnelers, who dig down under the ground to the tunnels that lie there. They have learned all the secrets of the underground, and are practically blind above ground. They know that you never corner a rabbit under there, because they can kick and claw your eyes. They know that if you see light, it doesn't always mean there's an opening. They can hunt underground too.

CrystalClan need some warriors and apprentices, so join if you're a tunneler or, like most of CrystalClan, you are fit for the windy moors.






Apprentices' Den




Warriors' Den




Medicine Cat's Den 




Elders' Den



Leader's Den




Windstar- white tom with gray paws and bright grass green eyes 



Embereyes- pitch black tom with glowing amber eyes that look like embers




Honeycrisp- golden she-cat with redish wispy stripes and amber eyes



Brambleflight- orange tabby she-cat with a brown tail and sky blue eyes


Talontail- dark brown tom with surprisingly long claws and light green eyes


Grassfur- fluffy yellow she-cat with darker stripes and grass green eyes


Heathershade- light brown she-cat with heather blue eyes


Skynose- gray-blue she-cat with silver markings and light blue eyes


Lightstorm- bright ginger tom with yellow tabby markings and brilliant green eyes



Squirrelpaw- energetic ginger-and-white she-cat with blue eyes 

Leafpaw- white, brown and black calico she-cat with light blue eyes


Cloudpaw- white tom with sky blue eyes


Gorsepaw- brown tabby tom with gentle green eyes


Flowerpaw- black she-cat with bright orange eyes




Icewind- pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes


Softbreeze- light yellow she-cat with brown markings and gentle blue eyes




Frostkit- silver and white she-kit with light blue eyes


Shimmerkit- light brown she-kit with shimmering green eyes



Dandelionkit- orangy-yellow she-kit with light yellow eyes




Tanglefire- brown tom with orange paws and fur that never seems to untangle, medium blue eyes


Bushpelt- light brown tabby she-cat with gray paws and bush green eyes