Warrior's Forest


Every young kit has heard of the deadly action we call a battle, told of how the victor fighter leaves with blood on his paws and everyone else is left alone to watch in horror. Every battle is based upon one or more misguided mistakes, as many wise cats see it. If you are unfortunate enough to have encountered a battle with another cat, this is where your feelings come out. Be aware that you may end up dead--in the Dark Forest.

One-on-one BATTLES

If you are in a fight with one particular cat, this is the place to go. It is set by a river called Blood River, named for the battle that cost both cats their lives--let's go back to this tragic story...




The night couldn't possibly be quieter. It was the middle of leaf-bare, and the loud, crackling leaves were thankfully covered by powdery snow. Treescar crept low through the white forest, looking for his prey.
His prey was not mice or voles, though, because it was another cat.
Whiteblaze, a fellow warrior in his Clan, was fighting with him for a long feud about a beautiful she-cat named Mistbird; she was the most lovely, sweet and friendly cat in all of the Clan. It was true that Treescar had loved her first. But she had taken to Whiteblaze instead, and then died in a terrible sickness, leaving the two toms to argue to the death. And so, the two scheduled a meeting--a very secret meeting, that absolutely no cat would intrude on.
They chose the mysterious pond by the LightningClan camp, where no cat dared to go. They all said that a cat-eating crocodile lived there, waiting for some poor, mouse-brained cat to go and provide a meal. But Whiteblaze and Treescar were smarter than that. They understood that those ripples in the water were only harmless frogs, and there was nothing at all to be afraid of.
So they met there at noon one day, and Treescar waited, hoping his enemy was ready to fight.
But this was confusing: Treescar didn't see Whiteblaze. Had he just decided not to show up? He had

prepared for this!
But then, all of a sudden, claws dug into his pelt, and he quickly twisted and countered the attack...


Brightstar looked down onto the two dead warriors lying in front of her. Treescar's claw was embedded in Whiteblaze's throat, and Whiteblaze had apparently slit Treescar open. The blood of both cats leaked into the river, turning it a gleaming, evil red against the snow, which was stained around the bodies. Brightstar just looked down on them.
What she didn't understand was that they were both warriors with such promise for their Clan. They could

have helped. But instead, they chose to fight out their lives over a she-cat who was already gone. She took a deep breath, and took an oath, too:

I make this promise to my Warrior ancestors:
I should have helped these cats out of this fight.
I could have saved their lives.
But this was their choice, to do this.


And Brightstar did something that should be honored in a leader. She didn't bury them. She didn't bring them back to camp. So that they would not go to StarClan or the Dark Forest, she left their bodies to decay by the river, renamed the Blood River, which is where they remain to this day, turned into worthless dirt.


Story above written by Hazelwing


So, my dear cats, be careful in this battlefield, unless you'd like to suffer the terrible fate of Treescar and Whiteblaze. Please note that they had planned a One-on-one that turned into a Fight to the Death.



LOVE battles

If you have to have a love in another Clan that you have to fight, or if you have a fight with a mate/friend, this is the place. But NEVER walk in on a fight. If you do you can end up as one of the three things here:

1. Caught in a fight... FOREVER.

2. Hear some certain... phrases... that aren't particularly beautiful to the feline ear.

3. Dead.

I bet you do not want to end up like one of the above. So please follow this rule and DON'T do that (only if you are involved with the fight).


A big StormClan warrior barged though CrystalClan moors. He was silent as a fox. They called him Thistlefur - he was smart, brave and strong. Many she-cats mooned over him while he was walking by, but he never stopped to say hello. That's because he had a secret. A secret nobody could bear. He had a secret love, a love in CrystalClan named Moonshine. One day he saw his Clanmate, Shadowclaw, pinning Moonshine to the ground with blood on his mouth and a very bad bite mark on her shoulder. With out thinking he attacked Shadowclaw. But he failed to win; two dead cats on the smooth CrystalClan moors, but it was worth it because they were together. From that day on, CrystalClan called that spot the 'Love Moors' in memories of Moonshine and Thistlefur. They put them next to each other so, when anyone passed by, they would remember their bravery.



Story above written by Flameheart



Clan battles must be agreed on by both leaders of the Clans. If you are a cat in one of the participating Clans and do not wish to join the battle, send me a message. This is where, if they hate each other enough, two Clans can fight. This chatbox is strictly NOT for role-play other than battles! This goes for EVERYONE, especially our list of delinquents:

  • Flameheart
  • Foxflight
  • Icekit
  • Daisykit



Every one of these battles turns out unfortunate. You must get my permission to type in this box. You must get the user's permission before you kill their role-play cat.


story coming soon...



The Dark Forest? You may have heard of it--the terrible place where the evil are punished with the reality of a dark, boggy forest, where the sun never shines. The patron color of the Dark Forest here is dark red, for the spilled blood of these cats who died fighting like they did during life, lasting an eternity and more for the crimes.

Many unfortunate souls were stolen from their homes in StarClan to this place by the murderers who were meant to be here, forced to live forever here, turning just like the bloodthirsty monsters who killed them. They crave sweet revenge--they crave sinking their fangs into the innocents of StarClan. So if you dare come here, first read this...




Whitemoon of LightningClan was a sweet young cat, always willing to help a friend. The typical LightningClan cat. Until the Gathering night--his very first Gathering night after his warrior ceremony. On his way to the Gathering, he saw a single shadow. The shadow of a cat, a rugged tabby with a flat face. He ignored it.

The same shadow came again, almost as soon as it had left. He took a deep breath and kept calm.

A third and final time, the shadow cat came, standing in front of him, in front of the Thunderpath. "Follow me," it beckoned. It's voice seemed soft but broken, as if the cat was dying of the killing bite. That was when Whitemoon realized that the cat's tail was bent in the middle, like a broken twig. Poor cat, Whitemoon thought. He followed as the cat led him straight onto the Thunderpath. At first he didn't understand why the cat had led him there. Then he knew that it was a trap. He tried to move, but his paws weighed him down, sticking to the Thunderpath, not giving way. And soon there came a large monster, its black paws screeching, white eyes blaring. It didn't stop. Whitemoon was killed instantly, using his last moments to look around to see that she shadow cat was gone, as well as giving a horrified shriek.

His friends wondered where he was. They looked on the Thunderpath and saw spilled blood and some sticky Twoleg gum, but never found a body. His mother died of shock soon after, the shock of losing her son, her first and only kit. 




Many moons later, a young she-cat named  Gingerpelt was sitting, minding her own business in the apprentices den, the most looked-up-to, popular young warrior in LightningClan. She had just become a warrior, and this was her first Gathering night. Now, Gingerpelt was naturally excited, bouncing around in her nest. But the night to come wasn't what she had expected. On her way to the Gathering, something moved in the night. She stayed with her friends, though, ignoring it.

A low hiss came from up a tree.  Again, Gingerpelt paid no attention.

Something skittered in the bushes. She seemed to be the only cat that noticed.  Then she saw a large tabby with a flat face, accompanied by a pure white cat, both ghostly shadows in the forest, step out. From the moment she saw them, Gingerpelt trusted them. They both stepped slowly closer. "Follow me," the white cat murmured in her ear. It was raspy and strange, but young Gingerpelt felt an awkward connection to this cat. So she followed him and the tabby into the night, knowing in her heart that something would happen, but quickly pushing that thought away. 




The next morning a LightningClan patrol searching for their new warrior found a pool of dark blood on the Thunderpath, with a small piece of Twoleg gum, but no body. Then a tiny kit, going by the name of Moonkit after his lost cousin, recalled hearing a loud terrifying screech in the middle of the night...