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On MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am Hazelwing, faithful warrior of LightningClan and owner of this site!

I'm the owner of the Warriors Forest, so ask me anything you want to know: I'll be here. My sweet kitty is a tortoiseshell, and her name is Specklestripe (Molly, in real life) and yes, she's in the LightningClan allegiances, and I took the picture of her myself on my own laptop. :):P And did I mention I love Nutella?

I roleplay a lot more than one cat (you can roleplay as many as you want as long as you can handle it):

Hazelwing (cocoa [co-co] deputy, my main cat), Specklestripe (elder, my real-life cat), Frostleaf (warrior), Shimmerpool (queen), Waterwhisker (deputy), Morningpaw (apprentice), Brighteyes (queen), Spottedpaw (apprentice), Graypaw (apprentice), Spottedleaf (former medicine cat), and Sorreltail (former warrior).

So meow. And talk to me whenever you like, if you're a cat, that is. :)

My main roleplay cat is Hazelwing, and she's a dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws, a white tail-tip, and blazing green eyes. She's sweet, lovable and smart, always willing to help a friend. Her mate is Redstorm and she has many (many, many, MANY...) kits. She was saved by an attack on the camp by badgers, IN a fire, by Sweetstar, when she was a kit and Sweetstar was a warrior, and Hazelwing still regards her.

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Reply Firekit
12:14 AM on June 15, 2013 
Hey. Hazelwing
Reply Dovekit
11:27 PM on March 4, 2013 
hello.. i posted my info and the code but its not popping up... can i still start roleplaying though?
Reply IceClaw
10:57 PM on November 13, 2012 
me to tell us
Reply Spottedkit
3:38 PM on November 12, 2012 
Where did you get those chat boxes? I'm having trouble with my own website..... Pretty please with a cherry on top ?
Reply littlekit
2:34 PM on September 28, 2012 
can little kit be the med cat apprentice for crystalclan
Reply Silvermoon
2:00 AM on July 25, 2012 
Hey can i join stormclan as a queen, then a warrior?
Reply Flameheart
8:38 PM on June 4, 2012 
Reply Briarthorn
11:34 PM on May 28, 2012 
Do you need a link or something? To add me?
Reply Briarthorn
11:32 PM on May 28, 2012 
Its alright! I was just courious :P
Reply Briarthorn
12:06 PM on May 27, 2012 
Hazel,when am I going to be added to the LC page? :P
Reply Stormblaze
5:35 PM on May 24, 2012 
Hello... (i am Mudfur but i changed the name)
Reply Briarthorn
7:48 PM on May 21, 2012 
Hazelwing, I would love to be in Lightningclan as a warrior. I am very loyal and a pretty good fighter. I think I would be a great addition to your clan. :D
Reply Flameheart
6:18 PM on May 14, 2012 
Yea.... :P
Reply Moonshimmer
8:40 AM on May 13, 2012 
Hi! Plus, Flameheart, am I the one you met on an e-mail? (Just asking) Seems pretty likely. ^_^
Reply Sweetstar
8:02 PM on May 11, 2012 
Excuse me, Hazelwing, but I was only dealing with the situation in a smart way. When such a young cat gets in to an argument with an older cat, it is best not to make them feel.... disregarded. It's better to make them feel as if they are in the lead. Then, in later times, the young cat won't be angry at you, but will quickly get over it.
Reply Flameheart
8:49 PM on May 10, 2012 
I told her to join!! :D
Lol i met her on a email!
Reply Flameheart
7:34 PM on May 9, 2012 
Reply Sweetstar
7:46 AM on May 7, 2012 
Hazelwing, I... I thought better of you. To get in to such an argument with a mere apprentice? She may have a sharp tongue, but you must know what it is time to use yours.
Reply Darkstar
3:01 PM on April 20, 2012 
I'm so sorry about Swirlpaw. She can be very rude at times. But I need to ask you something important. Can you help us rebuild our camp? We need all the help we can get, and I know you have kin in StormClan as well as other Clans, so I was wondering...
Reply Swirlpaw
4:00 PM on April 14, 2012 
It's not MY fault you're so hot and cold! Nice one day- bringing me back home- and then mean the next- telling me that I shouldn't talk to an older cat like that! *mutters* The nerve of some cats...