Warrior's Forest


This is the Warriors forest, where LightningClan, StormClan, SapphireClan and CrystalClan cats live. These cats share the forest with scent borders. Join them now!




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Remember to scroll down to the bottom of your Clan's page to see what patrol you are on (if you've been assigned for that day). Check back often!



Check out the Tribes here, and join if you can! 


Here you can join these four Clans. Just copy  and paste this form into the box and fill it in with your  cat's information:

NAME: (if you're a kit your name will end in "kit" like Rosekit, if you're an apprentice your name will end in "paw" like Rosepaw and if you are a warrion it will be something like Rosebush or Rosestorm. If you are a new member, you must sign up with a kit name)

CLAN: (you can be in LightningClan, CrystalClan, SapphireClan or StormClan)

RANK: (you can either be a kit in any of the four Clans. Do not register to be a warrior, deputy or medicine cat right away. You will automatically be turned down)

DESCRIPTION: (example: tortoiseshell tom with amber eyes)

PERSONALITY: (example: sweet and funny, but can get impatient)

PASSCODE: (You must enter this or else I won't put your cat on. I'm putting the passcode in the rules so that I'm sure you look at them!!)



 This is a chat room, where you sign up. Please make an account before entering your cat, under Members!! This is also known as the Gathering spot, where the Clans hold Gatherings every full moon. We talk about the forest news, basically, and what's been going on lately: new apprentices or warriors; recently deceased elders; or, if you're really unlucky, threats to the other Clans. Just don't fight--EVER--in the Gathering spot. It makes StarClan angry. I or Goldwing will send you a message if you are permitted to be in the Gathering spot on the next coming full moon! If you really want to (everyone eventually gets a turn) request it in our message boxes! Remember to send it to both of us.




1. Dissing other cats is not considered a reason to ban a member if it's RP! Remember this.

2. If you want to contact me, just send me a message. I come on every chance I get, which is basically every day.

3. Kits are not allowed to be die except if they are stillborn, meaning they are born dead (they can be stillborn with the permission of the queen). They can, however, be captured by a rival Clan and raised there with the permission of the kit and both Clans.

4. This is a very important rule for the Warriors Forest: no cursing, EVER. Cats don't do it in real life, so neither do we. However, cat curses are alright, such as mouse-brain, mouse-dung, or fox-dung. 

5. If you have an argument with another roleplayer, both of you have to plan yourselves when you'll meet at the One-on-one Battlefield.

6. I change the passcode every moon. Each moon, come back and look at the chart below to find the passcode for that moon, in case you want to register a new cat to the Clans.

6. The only reason why I wouldn't put you into a Clan is because you might've forgotten something or typed the passcode wrong. You are allowed to submit your cat twice if you werent't put into the Clan of your choice. If this occurs, though, the passcode you have to enter is "beanie."

7. The passcodes are:

                                                 MOON                  CODE

 January ice
 February sweetheart
 March lion
 April rain
 May daisy
 June bumblebee
 July cool river
 August cloud
 September heather
 October black cat
 November leaf
 December snowing


Warrior of the month

The warrior cat of May  2012 is...


Darkstar is a brown tabby tom with white patches and pine-green eyes. Dakstar is the leader of StormClan and a Father of four with his mate, Blackmist. He is friendly, quiet and brave. He will do anything for his Clan. He is half-Clan, half CrystalClan and half StormClan. When he was a kit he was left at the StormClan entrance at night with no scent of a Clan, so StormClan took him in. He went from a small helpless kit to the brave leader of StormClan. When he was a warrior he proved his braveness by helping LightningClan in the badger-fire attack. Then he was named deputy after his leader lost her last life. Now Darkstar is trying to re-build his camp after a lightning storm destroyed it. He needs all the help he can get to rebuild his camp.


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This is where our Clan Gatherings take place, in a small open clearing where bright green grass grows, surrounded by beech trees that have been here ever since our cats can remember. The four Clans meet here to share news and share tongues, too, with a truce protecting every cat. Unlike the older Clans, all cats are welcome to come to the Gathering, except kits and queens who are close to kitting. Remember, no fighting. If you get into a skirmish at a Gathering, you must figure it out at the Battlefield with whoever cat you've been arguing with. Dates for Gatherings are the sixth of every month. 



Fun stuff

This is Maukie, Smudge's little sister! She'll follow you're mouse (lol). Scratch her head and she'll purr!


This video is called "Cloudpaw Likes a Cookie." Hope you like (I didn't make it). Sometimes it's being annoying and doesn't load, so don't be surprised if there's ever a big empty space right here (also, it might not show up if you're on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).

You are looking for new territory and you find a Twoleg nest. You walk up to the house and look inside, seems like nobody's home. You look around: a little swing set, a garden, trees. But out of the corner of your eye you see a black and white thing. You pad toward it, curiousity pulling you forward. You jump up on the step stool and touch the black and white block. You think something bad is going to happen, but instead it makes a wonderful noise! Then you go back home to join your Clan.