Warrior's Forest


LightningClan are brave, couragous, trustworthy and loyal. They are always ready to help out a friend, and they are glad to do so when their help is needed in the forest. 

 Of course, LightningClan cats have their downsides too. Sometimes the other Clans ask them to help and when they do the other Clan thinks they have interfered too much (because sometimes, they really take it way too far). This makes the cats of LightningClan upset, but they try not to take it out on the other Clan with fighting, just with words.

  LightningClan cats are very fierce along with their sweet side, and they are excellent fighters, known for their special attack, The Lightning Strike, though they don't have a lot of chances to perform their skills because they are not often under attack, or attacking. They are great hunters, and live in a forest of beech and oak trees.











Apprentices' Den 





Warriors Den 





 Medicine Cat Den




Elders Den





 Leader's Den






Sweetstar- cream she-cat with a ginger patch on her back and bright blue eyes; mate of Jaggedstripe





Goldwing-  small golden she-cat with a brown tail-tip and bright, sapphire-blue eyes






Braveheart- tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with bright blue eyes




Hazelwing- sweet, delicate tortoiseshell she-cat with bright green eyes and white paws






Meadowblossom- yellow she-cat with silver flecks and gentle blue eyes





Jaggedstripe- large, muscular blue tom with lightning-shaped tabby stripes down his back


Morningbreath- black tom with pale blue eyes


Flameclaw- large ginger tom


Flowerpetal-  energetic, bright ginger-and-white striped she-cat; mate of Flameclaw


Redstorm- bright, energetic ginger tabby tom with shining blue eyes; mate of Hazelwing



Flashfire- playful light gray tom with a yellow lightning stripe going down his back and light blue eyes 


Eaglestorm- strong tom with a white head, brown body and odd eyes


Sugarcloud- longhaired cream white tom with a brown muzzle, ears and tail with blue eyes


Wetclaw- dark gray tom with bright blue eyes


Mousepelt- alert mousy-brown tom with forest-green eyes; has a crush on Roseflight


Lionfur- longhaired golden tom


Daisyflower- cream-colored she-cat


Tigerstripe- orange-and-black striped tom


Roseflight- bright ginger she-cat


Briarthorn- large, plump, fluffy brown-gray she-cat with very dark brown paws, ear-tips and tail-tips and brilliant green courageous eyes

Spotnose- spotted silver tom with gooseberry-green eyes and a tabby "M" on his forehead; has had a crush on Shiningpaw since he was a young apprentice




Goldenpaw- tiny, energetic golden-and-white she-cat


Nightpaw- sweet black-and-white she-cat with pale green eyes   


Skypaw- playful, light blue tom with silvery eyes


Grasspaw- energetic yellow tom with black stripes and white paws, ears and tail-tip, grass green eyes


Cloudpaw- energetic fluffy white tom with blue eyes

Flowerpaw- black-and-white she-cat with sweet, pale amber eyes



Thunderpaw- handsome spotted silver tom with gray eyes


Dawnpaw- pale, misty gray she-cat, wants to be the LightningClan medicine cat 


Wolfpaw- jumpy, energetic gray-brown tabby tom with white paws


Bluepaw- sweet blue-gray she-cat with gleaming green eyes


Skypaw- snowy-white she-cat


Bushpaw- brown tom with blue-gray speckles and white paws with bush-green eyes, a little larger than the other apprentices; intelligent, strong, kind, playful


Raspberrypaw- bouncy silver she-cat with pinkish fox red patches and bright blue eyes 


Shiningpaw- silver she-cat (Sweetstar, please add more)


Tanglepaw- adventurous dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws, sharp teeth, long tail, a pale muzzle and blazing amber eyes; suffered a deep wound from Tigerstar; said to be a reincarnation of Tigerstar


Lilypaw- soft, graceful tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat, small white paws, and a white muzzle; one of her eyes is rimmed with darker fur than the other, and she has a black tipped, gold-and-brown striped tabby tail; she has warm, large, pale amber eyes; said to be a reincarnation of Spottedleaf


Foxpaw- very, very small ginger she-cat with white underbelly and green eyes;  smart, protective of her Clan



Snowpaw- snowy white she-cat with ice-blue eyes; has just regained memory


Moonpaw- blue-gray she-cat with sweet gray eyes

Softpaw- soft white she-cat with clear blue eyes; intelligent and daring; currently the love interest of Tanglepaw


Sagepaw- light gray tabby she-cat with yellow-amber eyes; eyes changed color as she got older






Falconflight- swift, strong gray she-cat with amber eyes; mother of Eaglestorm's kits: Owlkit (brown tabby tom) and Sparrowkit (blue-gray she-cat with white paws, ears and tail-tip)


Sunbreeze- cream she-cat with a brown nose, ears and tail tip; mother of four kits: Rosekit, Smokekit, Birchkit and Meadowkit. 


Flameheart- red-orange (looks like a flame) she-cat with grass-green eye; mother of Tigerstripe's kits; Bumblekit, Beekit and Daisykit


Jasmine- beautiful gray-and-white she-cat with calm blue eyes, mother of two kits: Stonekit and Meadowkit


Frostleaf- small, young snowy white she-cat with light gray tabby patches and sapphire-blue eyes; mother of Wetclaw's kit: Sweetkit




Rosekit- rosy-pink she-cat with blue eyes. 


Smokekit- smoky gray tabby tom with bright blue eyes


Stonekit- dark gray tom with amber eyes


Meadowkit- creamy yellow she-cat with bright blue eyes; named after Meadowblossom.


Bumblekit- golden tom with black stripes and amber eyes


Beekit- golden tom with misty gray eyes


Daisykit- golden she-cat with blue eyes



Icekit- small snow-white she-kit with bright green eyes


Skykit- small white tom with a blue-gray nose, ears, paws and tail-tip and ocean-blue eyes



Sweetkit- very small light gray tabby she-kit with soft, gray-blue eyes; follows her namesake,  Sweetstar, around as her role model




Specklestripe- beautiful, dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with sweet, pale green eyes, white paws and a white tail-tip



THIS SECTION HAS BEEN SUGGESTED FOR DELETION FOR THE CAUSE: Once we have enough credits we will get unlimited pages. There will be a rogues and loners page, so this will not be needed. 

Rainfall- beautiful ginger she-cat with amber eyes; left because she mated with someone in another Clan; mother of Flameheart 


Goldwing, our loyal deputy, is in charge of all LightningClan patrols. She is the only cat allowed to make these patrols. If something goes wrong and she is unable to manage patrols, our co-deputy friend Braveheart would take over. Considering that she has been inactive, though, in this case Hazelwing would manage the patrols. If even she is unable to attend to them, Sweetstar might need to take over. And if she can't...


Jaggedstripe, Skypaw, Morningbreath (Hunting) 5/19/12
Meadowblossom, Mistcloud, Flowerpaw (Herb-spotting) 5/20/12
Redstorm, Foxpaw, Flashfire (Border patrol)5/21/12

Dawnpaw, Meadowblossom, Mistcloud (Berb-spotting)

Sweetstar, Bluetide, Whitefang (Border patrol)5/23/12
 Graylight, Rockpaw, Spotnose (Hunting) 5/24/12
 Flameheart, Sweetstar, Foxpaw, Skypaw (Border patrol) 5/ 25 12
 Flashfire, Nightpaw, Braveheart, Falconflight (Hunting) 5/2612
 Flameclaw, Bushpaw, Flameheart, Bluepaw (Hunting) 5/27/12
 Meadowblossom, Mistcloud, Shiningpaw (Herb-collecting) 5/28/12
 Sweetstar, Hazelwing, Spotpaw,  Nightpaw (Hunting)  5/29/12
 Sugarcloud, Rainbowfire, Leapordspots, Peaceflower (Border patrol) 5/30/12
Sweetstar, Goldwing, Hazelwing, Braveheart, Flowerpetal (Party patrol)5/31/12




Seacloud and Pineshadow
of StormClan are warriors
this moon!

Bloompaw of SapphireClan
is an apprentice this moon!

Moonpaw, Softpaw, Skypaw,
 Sagepaw, Bramblepaw, Beepaw 
and Daisypaw of LightningClan

are apprentices this moon!




Mistcloud of LightningClan has become
a full medicine cat apprentice!


New Kits


Our young Frostleaf never seems to get a break from the nursery! On May 23rd she birthed one white she-kit

and our warrior Flameheart has had her 6 kits on May 19 (not all named) Pantherkit,Ashkit,Maplekit,Mudkit,Thornkit and an unaned kit


We currently have no new kits.


We currently have no new kits


We currently have no new kits.


Two kits were born to Honeycrisp and Lionfur, two cats who ran away from their Clans for love, and a third kit is suspected but this has not been confirmed with the entire staff. The two known kits, both she-cats, have been named Sunkit and Fernkit.



Seek the black and white
To find what was lost
Watch the blue at sunset
For the darkest of secrets
The blue skies awaits the one who never found hope
The black skies for the one who cared not

Meadowblossom, March 10, 2012


An evil dawn shall arise

Many may meet an untimely end

But a savior has been chosen

Who may save us from it all

Sealwhisker, April 5th, 2012


A delicate heart shall not be shattered
A young love will not be broken
They may live in harmony.
The stars have told of this moment
And it shall finally come with the newleaf rain

Honeycrisp, March 27th, 2012


The Shimmering Willow is rising

Never to die, stay until the evil has past,

The Shimmering Willow will save our Clan

Shimmerflower and Willowpaw, March 26, 2012

Gathering News


We have three missing kits with differnt stories (go up to 'Missing Cats' for more info).


It seems as if our "LOYAL" deputy Shadowstripe has run off.


As of now, we have no medicine cat. Honeycrisp has left us for love.


Our territory is neutral