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I am a cool LightningClan Warrior with awesome friends, cuddley kits, and a loving mate

I play 3 kittys: Flameheart- Orange she cat with grass green eyes- Warrior, Seapaw- Gray she cat with amazing blue green eyes- Apperentince and Shimmerflower-looks EXACTLY like yellowfang

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Reply StarKit
9:36 PM on January 12, 2013 
umm mommy i need a new name sinse starkit isnt a warrior name i was thinking Eclipsekit
Reply Sweetstar
1:23 PM on December 15, 2012 
Ikr...? Well....
Reply Shadow Scar
5:41 PM on December 1, 2012 
plzz stop being mean to me plzzz i said i was sorry
Reply Spottedkit
3:38 PM on November 12, 2012 
ok then...
Reply Spottedkit
5:23 PM on November 10, 2012 
Um.. can IceClaw adopt me instead and be my mom? If it's ok you can reply
Reply Shadow Scar
10:35 PM on November 9, 2012 
some ones been on my acount
Reply BrampleKit
11:33 PM on November 7, 2012 
i never want u to adopt me
Reply Shadow Scar
5:05 PM on November 4, 2012 
what kind of freind are you
Reply Shadow Scar
10:00 AM on November 4, 2012 
Flamheart thats all ur going to say. sorry, even though u no adopting bramble kit means alot to me. that sorry is just fox dung
Reply Shadow Scar
10:36 PM on November 2, 2012 
yeah i am and idint make this up this was before u were born
Reply Shadow Scar
10:00 AM on November 1, 2012 
Hey can i have permission to adopt bramble kit
Reply BrampleKit
10:13 PM on October 28, 2012 
flameheart why do u say the websites not active were alll active like spotted talon silverpool me iceclaw oakheart u sweetstar and more
Reply Shadow Scar
8:58 PM on October 27, 2012 
thanks and would you think that a kitty pet pet who was a anprentice but was taken away by twolegs and just ascaped and came back would be a traitor and not ment to be a warrior
Reply Briarthorn
5:05 PM on June 26, 2012 
I can RP now if you want to Flamey! Message me if you wanna.
Reply Briarthorn
6:51 PM on June 8, 2012 
Sorry I haven't been RP'ing. I got grounded for awhile D: I will soon,message me when you want to RP.
Reply Briarthorn
12:53 PM on May 30, 2012 
Honeyfur is a user on Rain Lake Warriors, so it says CreekClan xD She didn't edit it yet :P
Reply Briarthorn
5:01 PM on May 28, 2012 
I don't have the link XD . You could just highlight it and copy it.
Reply Briarthorn
12:47 PM on May 28, 2012 
Yeah, I know you can. Can you soon? :P
Reply Aspenkit
11:38 AM on May 28, 2012 
Reply Leafblossom
5:20 PM on May 27, 2012 
I am Leafblossom


Seacloud and Pineshadow
of StormClan are warriors
this moon!

Bloompaw of SapphireClan
is an apprentice this moon!

Moonpaw, Softpaw, Skypaw,
 Sagepaw, Bramblepaw, Beepaw 
and Daisypaw of LightningClan

are apprentices this moon!




Mistcloud of LightningClan has become
a full medicine cat apprentice!


New Kits


Our young Frostleaf never seems to get a break from the nursery! On May 23rd she birthed one white she-kit

and our warrior Flameheart has had her 6 kits on May 19 (not all named) Pantherkit,Ashkit,Maplekit,Mudkit,Thornkit and an unaned kit


We currently have no new kits.


We currently have no new kits


We currently have no new kits.


Two kits were born to Honeycrisp and Lionfur, two cats who ran away from their Clans for love, and a third kit is suspected but this has not been confirmed with the entire staff. The two known kits, both she-cats, have been named Sunkit and Fernkit.



Seek the black and white
To find what was lost
Watch the blue at sunset
For the darkest of secrets
The blue skies awaits the one who never found hope
The black skies for the one who cared not

Meadowblossom, March 10, 2012


An evil dawn shall arise

Many may meet an untimely end

But a savior has been chosen

Who may save us from it all

Sealwhisker, April 5th, 2012


A delicate heart shall not be shattered
A young love will not be broken
They may live in harmony.
The stars have told of this moment
And it shall finally come with the newleaf rain

Honeycrisp, March 27th, 2012


The Shimmering Willow is rising

Never to die, stay until the evil has past,

The Shimmering Willow will save our Clan

Shimmerflower and Willowpaw, March 26, 2012

Gathering News


We have three missing kits with differnt stories (go up to 'Missing Cats' for more info).


It seems as if our "LOYAL" deputy Shadowstripe has run off.


As of now, we have no medicine cat. Honeycrisp has left us for love.


Our territory is neutral